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Exceptional Representation for Environmental Litigation

Environmental law was created to regulate the interaction of humans with the natural environment. As this interaction is multi-faceted and constantly changing, there are many new and old legal problems that arise. Since the formation of environmental law as a separate and distinct body of law in the 1960's, the swine and beef operations throughout our nation have encountered countless confrontations over nuisance and environmental regulations issues.

The cattle business started using confined animal feeding organizations (CAFOs) in the 1960's to meet the growing demand for meat. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that there are approximately 15,500 CAFOs in the United States, and these CAFOs contain 50% of all animals in this country. When you consider that these animal farms are increasing in size and in geographic concentration, it is no surprise that thousands of nuisance complaints, clean water issues and clean air lawsuits have shown up in courtrooms. When farmers and cattle and hog producers are faced with these challenging issues, they turn to DominaLaw Group for the high-quality representation they need to protect their profession and their rights.

Since the 1970's, our firm has handled hundreds of environmental law cases throughout the United States. Our extensive trial work includes presentation to final verdict and judgment of more than a dozen nuisance cases, including numerous appellate decisions. In order to achieve a favorable outcome for environmental litigation cases, you need a firm who has the ability to undertake complex litigation and deal effectively with regulatory authorities. From complaints of air pollution to fracking lawsuits and litigation surrounding plant explosions, our firm has proven that we have the tenacity and legal knowledge to protect your rights.

Our Approach: Setting a New Standard of Excellence

Here at DominaLaw Group, we take pride in providing honest answers and sincere representation for every client. We do not simply talk about going to trial, we do so on a daily basis. Unlike other firms who file meaningless motions and try to confuse the legal system in order to get a case dismissed, we thrive on the challenge of standing up for people who need strong, ethical and experienced lawyers. Instead of shying away from controversial political cases, we devote effort into truly understanding our clients and their position in order to help their perspective be heard. This requires a unique blend of diligence, aggression, compassion and insight, and our team has worked hard to develop the necessary skills to protect our clients.

We believe that this approach is a key factor in our ability to effectively handle environmental law cases, and hundreds of our clients would agree. In fact, we have negotiated the resolution of issues associated with remediation of lead, methane, and arsenic issues in soil, abandoned petroleum wells, and general environmental clean-up concerns. Our team has been practicing environmental law for decades, and we have gained an intimate familiarity with the effects of environmental regulation on industrial, commercial and even government enterprises.

Understanding Environmental Law

Environmental law is mostly controlled by federal governmental agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and many of the lawsuits dealing with environmental issues are filed under federal statutes. Whether you have been involved in a federal or common law lawsuit, our environmental law attorneys have the resources and legal skills to represent your case to final verdict. In the past, we have represented Clean Water Act litigation against the United States Department of Justice and other cases involving clean air claims by industrial organizations. Our experience with some of the largest federal government agencies in the country has prepared us to handle all types of environmental law cases, and we develop custom solutions for every client.

Environmental lawsuits can be filed under common law for cases involving nuisance, trespass, strict liability or negligence. A successful resolution of these lawsuits may result in recovery for damages to property, personal injury or bodily harm, and this further necessitates the need for talented legal representation. When you need a legal advocate who has a proven history of success in environmental lawsuits, choose DominaLaw Group. Through hard work and a commitment to legal excellence, we have achieved several multi-billion dollar verdicts and have succeeded against seemingly impossible odds.

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Instead of taking the matter into your own hands, it is far better to contact our team and schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options. Whether you are seeking justice for air pollution, water contamination, toxic chemical leaks or another type of environmental disturbance, enlisting our help will cost you nothing up front and could be the key factor in winning your case. Don't wait to contact our firm today. We understand the lasting impact that environmental regulations have had on industrial, commercial and governmental enterprises, and we are prepared to fight for you.

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